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Enquiries - School Office 01843 834431


Welcome to Ursuline College

Welcome to the Ursuline College, a Roman Catholic Academy for pupils aged 11 to 19 years.  Applications are also welcomed from pupils of other denominations who are seeking an education based on Gospel values. Our ethos derives from the mission statement and permeates the whole school, promoting an excellent  sense of community, positive attitudes to work and discipline, and a very good partnership with parents.

Full Calendar

  • Fabulous floating gardens (some even beginning to grow!) Read more 07:17 PM - 1st June, 2020
  • 5 day food challenge: Challenge 1 ⭐️ Make a cup of tea for yourself or someone else in your house. Write a storyboard of how you carried this out ask for feedback on WWW/EBI Read more 03:09 PM - 1st June, 2020
  • Winners!!! Biscuit competition! ⭐️Megan Burgess ⭐️Callum Smith ⭐️Lucy Burring Read more 09:42 AM - 1st June, 2020
  • Biscuits, biscuits everywhere! Well done! Winner(s) to be announced very soon....😉⭐️ Read more 11:21 AM - 27th May, 2020
  • Très bien! That's a fantastic achievement! Read more 03:53 PM - 22nd May, 2020