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Sport (Extended Diploma)


BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Sport (Triple A level)


Entry Requirements

5 GCSEs grade 4 or above including English.

Preferably a GCSE grade 4 or above in PE or BTEC Level 2 Merit.

Students should have a high level of interest in sport/physical activity and ideally be an active participant.

Exam Board


Content relating to the subject qualification

The National Extended Diploma is the equivalent to three A Level qualifications and requires the completion of 10 mandatory and 4 optional units of work relating to the field of sport and the leisure industry.

The mandatory units are as follows;


  • Unit 1 - Anatomy and Physiology
  • Unit 2 - Fitness Training and Programming for Health, Sport and Well-being
  • Unit 3 - Professional Development in the Sports Industry.
  • Unit 4 - Sports Leadership
  • Unit 7 – Practical Sports Performance
  • Unit 8 – Coaching for Performance
  • Unit 9 – Research Methods in Sport
  • Unit 19 – Development and Provision of Sport and Physical Activity
  • Unit 22 – Investigating Business in Sport and the Active Leisure Industry
  • Unit 23 – Skill acquisition in sport


Unit 1, 2, 19 and 22 are externally assessed written exam papers which are set and marked by Pearson


The proposed optional units are listed below;


  • Unit 5 - Application of Fitness Testing
  • Unit 6 – Sport Psychology
  • Unit 10 – Sports Event Organisation
  • Unit 25 - Rules, Regulations and Officiating in Sport 


In Year 1 Units 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 19 and 22 will be completed.

In Year 2 Units 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 23 and 25 will be completed.


Assessment of the qualification

The National Extended Diploma is mainly assessed internally through the completion of coursework.


There are three units that are externally assessed. Unit 1 – Anatomy and Physiology is assessed through a 90-minute exam. The first opportunity to sit this is in January of year 12.


The second externally assessed unit is Unit 2 – Fitness training and programming for health, sport and well-being which is assessed in a 2.5-hour exam. Students are given four hours to complete independent research based on a case study they will have received one week prior to the exam.


The third externally assessed unit is Unit 19 – Development and Provision of Sport and Physical Activity which is assessed in 2.5-hour exam. Students are given four hours to complete independent research based on a case study they will have received one week prior to the exam.


The final externally assessed unit is Unit 22 – Investigating business in sport and the active leisure industry which is assessed in a 3-hour exam. Students are given 6 hours to complete independent research based on a case study they will have received two weeks prior to the exam.





The remaining 10 units that are internally assessed may also be required for external verification of marking.


Each unit of work will be graded as a Pass, Merit or Distinction and the final grade will be calculated based on the accumulation of these grades. The final grade awarded and its A Level equivalent are shown below.


BTEC Grade

Equivalent A Level Grade

UCAS Points from 2017

PPP (Pass/Pass/Pass)



MPP (Merit/Pass/Pass)



MMP (Merit/Merit/Pass)



MMM (Merit/Merit/Merit)



DMM (Distinction/Merit/Merit)



DDM (Distinction/Distinction/Merit)



DDD (Distinction/Distinction/Distinction)



D*DD (Distinction*/Distinction/Distinction)



D*D*D (Distinction*/Distinction*/Distinction)



D*D*D* (Distinction*/Distinction*/Distinction*)




*Please note that students can also complete a single a-level equivalent


Career Pathways


Entry into university to study:


  • Sports Science
  • Sports Coaching
  • Sport and Physical Education
  • Fitness Management and Training
  • Elite sports performance.
  • Assistant performance analyst
  • Technical scout
  • Community coaching roles
  • Coaching roles within specific sports
  • Development coordinator




There may be opportunities to work with local sports coaching companies, sports industry professionals, Canterbury Christchurch University and University of Kent. Possibly professional sports teams.

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