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Enquiries - School Office 01843 834431

Wellbeing And Welfare

Dear Parent/Carer


We have a small number of students in school who have severe nut allergies
and can be seriously affected by someone else who is eating – or may have
recently eaten nuts.

We are asking for your help to provide these students with a safe school
environment. Any exposure to peanuts/nuts may cause a life-threatening
allergic reaction that requires emergency medical treatment.

To reduce the chance of this occurring, we are asking that you do not send
any peanut or nut containing products to school with your son/daughter. We
understand that this is an additional thing to check and we know that you
recognise the importance of it.

We would also be grateful if you could discuss this information with your child
as we also realise that many of them buy their own ‘snacks’ on the way to

We appreciate your co-operation in this to ensure the wellbeing of all our
pupils. Should you need any further information please contact Mrs
Callingham at callinghamj@ursuline.kent.sch.uk

Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Yours sincerely
Mrs Jo Callingham