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eSafety - Advice and Information

Technology is transforming our world. Computers, the Internet, and mobile phones are part of our everyday lives and used for so many reasons, it is hard to imagine how we coped without them.

However, technology is not all positive, and we should all be aware of the downsides and risks. As a parent you should be aware of the dangers, so you can monitor, support and advise your children. It is important that you discuss with them what the dangers are, and help them to understand the risks.

The online safety of all pupils at Ursuline College is of paramount importance. This page contains some key information you should be aware of, and provides links to other sites and leaflets that give more detailed information.

Additional Advice for Parents:

Please be vigilant with your children’s internet usage.

It is important for parents to be aware of the apps and social networks their child is using. We would recommend exercising extreme caution with the ‘Yellow’ app and ‘Omegle’. Parents should consider whether the app is age appropriate.


Safeguarding Information Update: SnapMaps - ADVICE FOR PARENTS

Parents/Carers of Children using SnapChat Need to be aware of this change in the app, and discuss it with their children.

SnapChat, used regularly by many children and young people, launched a new feature recently. SnapMaps allows users to see the location of their contacts.

This feature allows others to accurately pinpoint where you are. There are three possible privacy settings:

  • Ghost mode, where only you can see your position;
  • My Friends mode, where any contact can see your location; and
  • Select Friends mode, just those who you choose can see you

As with all social media apps and web services, always ensure that your child only accepts people they know on the service, and check regularly with you the contacts they have.

Although many parents do not use these apps, we advise all to have at least a working knowledge of the risks and uses to help protect your children.

ChildNet have posted a thorough explanation of SnapMaps and how to ensure users stay safe. Well worth a read to share with anyone you know who uses the app. You can find the post here.



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