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Mathematics (A Level )

Entry Requirements

For automatic entry into this qualification you need to be awarded a minimum of a grade A at GCSE Maths. 

You can gain entry to the course with a grade B at GCSE, but only with the recommendation of your previous school maths department.

Course Content

Year 1 

The units taught in the first year are the following: 

  • Core 1: Extension of grade A & A* material from GCSE and an introduction into Calculus. 

  • Core 2: Working with Trigonometry, Calculus and Algebra into more depth. 

  • Decision 1: Problem solving Mathematics linked specifically to Project management. 

Year 2 

The units taught in the second year are the following: 

  • Core 3 & Core 4: Much greater depth of pure Mathematics extending the fields Trigonometry, Calculus and Algebra. 

  • Decision 2: More advanced algorithms and procedural Mathematics linked with Project management.


All units are assessed via a written paper only and have no coursework attached. There are 3 units in the first year to complete and then 3 units in the 2nd year to complete. The entire modules combine together to give you an A level award and all of these units are equally weighted (16.67% per unit).

Career Pathways

From this course you could go and move onto the following courses: 

  • Maths Degree/Masters 

  • Economics Degree/Masters 

  • Physics Degree/Masters 

  • Business or Financial Degree/Masters 

  • IT or Computing Degree/Masters 

 You could also apply for jobs in the following sectors: 

  • Bank & Financial Institutions 

  • IT or Computing 

  • General Business Services


We often have Maths enrichment days at local universities for all ages, depending on the nature of the sessions. Where pupils get the chance to see Mathematics in action. These are usually at University of Kent or the University of Greenwich.