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Health and Social Care (Diploma)


Cambridge Technical Level 3 Diploma Health and Social Care (2 A level equivalent)

Entry Criteria

5 GCSE’s 9-4 grade

Exam Board


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Course Overview




A 2 year course where Students will develop professional and personal skills through interaction with people who either work in the sector or require care or support, as well as theoretical knowledge and understanding to underpin their skills.


This will allow them to offer specific, person-centred care and support and build positive relationships with the people they are working with, so that their needs and requirements are met whilst they maintain control of their own care and support.


Students will consider the real impacts to people living with conditions or illnesses such as the social, financial and psychological impacts, not just the signs, symptoms and treatment of faceless conditions or illnesses.


Students will also learn about the legislation and guidance supporting health and social care, so that they can ensure the people they are working with are not only able to access all the care and support they are entitled to, but are also able to protect themselves from any harm or abuse whilst at work.


The assessment units are:

Unit 1

Building positive relationships in health and social care (Coursework)

Unit 2

Equality, diversity and rights in health and social care (External Exam)

Unit 3

Health, safety and security in health and social care (External Exam)

Unit 4

Anatomy and physiology for health and social care (External Exam)


Unit 5

Infection control (Coursework)

Unit 6

Personalisation and a person-centred approach to care (External Exam)

Unit 7

Safeguarding (External Exam)

Unit 8

Creativity and Activity for children and young people (Coursework)

Unit 10

Nutrition for Health (Coursework)

Unit 12

Promoting positive behaviour or Unit 14 The long term impact on physiological conditions (Coursework)

Unit 15

Promoting health and well-being (Coursework)

Unit 16

 Supporting people with Dementia (Coursework)

Unit 18

Caring for Older people or Unit 20 Principle of youth work (Coursework)


*Please note these units are subject to change

**This course is equivalent to two A-levels

Extra-Curricular Activities

Visit to University for HSC taster Days

Work experience in the  HSC sector