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Cathryn Williams 

Curriculum Lead MFL 


Caroline Dobson 

MFL Teacher /Head of key stage 3 


Melanie Tobin 

MFL Teacher 


Claire Parsons 

MFL Teacher 



Key Stage 3 

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) are an important part of our pupil’s education. There are so many clear personal, cultural, social and career benefits in being able to communicate confidently in another language that everyone should have the chance to develop their own modern foreign language skills. We want our pupils to be enthusiastic, engaged and challenged and to develop their ability to use and understand another language.   

Our MFL curriculum also aims at encouraging the awareness of our pupils of what lies behind a different language, enhancing the richness and the diversity of different cultures by using authentic resources as well as making links with pupils from our partner schools in France and Germany.  

All pupils in the school study French or German and in their lessons, our pupils will gain systematic knowledge of key vocabulary and structures, grammar and phonics of the new language and a better understanding of how these are used by French and German speakers.  

We want to develop confident and independent pupils who are not afraid to communicate in a different language.  



Cycle 1 

Cycle 2 

Cycle 3 

Cycle 4 

Year 7 


Family relations, locations, languages, numbers, days of the week, months, birthdays  



My school 

School, subjects, timetables and hobbies, food and drink, healthy choices  



My home.    

Home and local areas, types of houses, locations, compass  



My life 

Pupils review their year’s learning and learn skills to develop summarise and present in a new language 



Year 8 

My town  

Descriptions of Town, shops and facilities  

activities in town, comparisons of places, previous residences, ideal locations  




My holidays 

Holidays, locations and activities, transport, accommodation, duration, preferences, past experience, future plans  

My health 

body parts, injuries and illnesses, healthy choices, doctors and dentistry  



My life 

Pupils review their year’s learning and learn skills to develop summarise and present in a new language   


Year 9 

My family  

Recall and extend language of family, physical descriptions, compare family members and give opinions 


My Social life  

Daily routine, social activities, use social media and be able to identify advantages and disadvantages  

My style  

Exploring identity through personal taste and choice in Fashion, Music, Film  

My life  

Pupils review their year’s learning and learn skills to develop summarise and present in a new language   



Key Stage 4 

Exam Board: AQA 

Link to Specification:  



Future Careers: 

In year 10 students choose to continue studying German or French as one of their GCSE options for 5 periods over 2 weeks. Our objective is to enable students of all abilities to develop their language skills to their full potential.  The lessons equip pupils with skills and knowledge to communicate in a variety of contexts, encouraging transference, resilience and confidence. The study of a modern foreign language at GCSE broadens students’ horizons and encourages them to step beyond familiar cultural boundaries and develop new ways of seeing the world.  It is our ambition to equip our pupils with the necessary skills and understanding to be able to continue their language studies in Key stage 5.   We hope to give all GCSE students the opportunity to travel to their target language country and communicate with pupils in our partner schools. 


Cycle 1 

Cycle 2 

Cycle 3 

Cycle 4 

Year 10 


school types, school day, subjects, daily routine, rules and pressures, success at school, school trips and activities  




Local area  

The pros and cons of living in your local area tourist locations, places and areas of natural beauty, we well as exploring social issues including drug abuse, homelessness, and smoking, being green  


 People and Relationships  

Study of a foreign language film. 

Language of character, personality, family and relationships  




holiday preferences, destinations and experiences, travel, accommodation, dealing with problems, eating out and shopping, weather, places to see and things to do  



Year 11 

Jobs and future Plans 

Jobs, careers, places of work, personal characteristics,  hopes and dreams for the future 




Global issues 

Current significant global issues   

The environment  

Charities and Voluntary work  

Poverty and Homelessness  


Technology in everyday life   

Social media   

Mobile technology   

Comparing  the benefits and risks 


Revision and GCSE exam preparation 


Key Stage 5 

Exam Board: AQA 

Link to Specification:  



Pupils study the contemporary French culture and society in depth, including discussing and debating the following topics: Theme 1 – Social issues and trends in French society  

Theme 2 - The political and artistic culture in French speaking countries, including music, festivals and traditions and the media.  

Theme 3 – Literary texts and film 

Future Careers: 

Knowing a second language is a valuable asset in any job and gives you excellent transferrable skills.  

As well as broadening your opportunities and enriching all aspects of your life, there are a wide range of career paths which require specific foreign language skills in the increasingly global job market.   

 Jobs directly related to a knowledge of French include: Tourism and travel industries and international business, Interpreter; Secondary school teacher; Translator.  

Jobs where French speaking would be useful include: Broadcast journalist; Diplomatic services; English as a foreign language teacher; International aid/development worker; Logistics and distribution manager; Sales and Marketing executive; Tour manager.  

Learning a foreign language could also improve your chance of studying at a good university or of joining the Erasmus scheme and studying abroad whilst at university. A language will provide you with confidence and a strong ability to communicate. 



Cycle 1 

Cycle 2 

Cycle 3 

Cycle 4 

Year 12 

  • Aspects of French -speaking society:  

Changing families 

Cyber- society 

The role of volunteers 



Artistic culture in the French speaking world  

A proud cultural heritage 

Contemporary French music 

Study of a significant French film 

Artistic culture in the French speaking world  

The art of cinema 

End of year Assessments  

Artistic culture in the French speaking world  

Literature – study of a significant French novel. 

Year 13 

Aspects of French-speaking society: current issues (Theme 3) 

-Positive aspects of a diverse society 

- who are the marginalised ? 

- How we treat criminals 

Aspects of French-speaking society: current issues (Theme 3) 

-Positive aspects of a diverse society 

- who are the marginalised ? 

- How we treat criminals 

Aspects of political life in French-speaking world: current issues (Theme 3) 

-Young people, the right to vote and political engagement 

-Protest and strikes  

-Politics and immigration 



Revision and further exam skills