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Design & Technology/ Engineering

Wny DT  and Engineering? 

There is so many transferable skills when thinking creatively when outside of a normal classroom.

Our department aims: 

1. Use their own initiative by problem solving and working through task and not giving up 

2. Be organised by being able to plan, review and revise all the way through a project

3. Be analytical in their thinking by embracing change and new ideas and concepts and applying other subjects such as English and maths to make wider informed choices to their projects. 

4. Be a good communicator using a range of communication skills and listening to others 

5.Be a team player and respect each other ideas

What pupils will study at KS3

All KS3 pupils study Design Technology /Engineering combined in the lessons all pupils are challenged to produce a range of design ideas and aim to produce excellent and original products at the end of their projects 

Over two years they will benefits a range of hand and machine tools including  a pillar drills, a lathe and sanding machines. They will be able to develop their technology ICT skills by using  CAD/CAM technology this is directly linked to GCSE.  CAD  also allows pupils to work in 2D Design. This can then be developed in to 3D by being able to print out their work using the 3D printer.

Projects that have been done covered are Bridges, Floating gardens, picture frames, design a child toy (enterprise project) STEM projects and many more. 

 What is the next pathway from KS3 into KS4:

Currently we offer students the opportunity to their learning to the next level by  delivering the Cambridge National in Engineering Design level 1/2 


This course offers a combination of  engineering and DT  to enable students to access any career in the technology and engineering sector. It enables students to fully understand the processes of engineering design and what the industry market needs are by using detailed client briefs like they would get if this is the career they went into. The work through a range of  practical projects and are continuing to develop their use of ICT by being able it for modelling and model making and how to communicate design ideas effectively by producing detailed coursework that shows their thought process to the end product being produced. They will also be required to sit exams iDesign briefs, design specification,user requirements and research analysis  to show their knowledge of what they have learnt during the practical stages of the course and product research. 
 Projects  may include: STEM project, Rocket Cars, 3D design, Hand draw and design won product using sketching and rendering. 

Please note there is cost to this subject that enables the department to provide all the materials for the students and not have to ask home to provide them

KS5 Currently we do not offer an A level pathway