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Design & Technology


Pupils study Technology subjects in rotation spending approximately 12 double lessons in each material area per year. Emphasis is placed on producing quality practical work and this is underpinned by the teaching of theoretical and design elements. Systems and Control is incorporated in all material areas to allow pupils to begin to understand the principles of Quality Control and Quality Assurance.


Pupils choose to specialise in either Resistant Materials, Textiles, Food or Product Design. We currently follow the AQA specification .  There is a high ICT component and projects can be tailored to suit individual pupils’ interests.


Pupils can continue their study of Technology through Product Design at AS & A level and have the opportunity to further enhance their knowledge and skills working with Textiles, Food and/or Resistant Materials including wood, plastics and metals.

Pupils identified as Gifted and Talented are challenged to produce complex design ideas and therefore produce excellent and original products.

The department is well resourced with three specialist classrooms. The Food Technology room comprises 11 practical work areas each equipped with a full range of hand and electrical utensils and ovens. The Resistant Materials workshop benefits from a full range of hand and machine tools including two  pillar drills, a lathe and sanding machines. A CAD/CAM machine is also available for GCSE and A level pupils’ use. The Textiles room has 13 computerised sewing machines and two overlockers. The department has access to IT which enables pupils to explore CAD packages such as 2D Design and Speedstep. In addition, we have a dedicated Technician who prepares materials, maintains equipment & stock levels and assists pupils with practical tasks.

Pupils enjoy Technology because of the exciting and diverse opportunities afforded them within our curriculum. Staff have high expectations of pupils. Pupils are proud of the work they are able to produce and take home in Technology and this promotes self esteem and a sense of achievement at all levels.