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Reading Competition - Deadline 3/7/20

Reading Competition

I hope you are all taking this opportunity to read many books, I know I am. I am on my 6th book already!

I am inviting you all the chance to take part in a competition inspired by what you are reading. Simply, I would like you to create something based on what you have read. It could be one of the suggestions below or any idea that you have – try to be creative and think outside of the box. There will be a prize for the best entries.

Suggestions: (Could be based on a part of or the whole book)

  • Create a comic strip
  • Make a short film/animation
  • Create a series of freeze frames
  • Create a scene/diorama using lego/plasticine/card etc.
  • Create a scene using biscuits
  • Make a scene made from cake
  • Paint a picture

Please submit all entries to me by email RyeM@ursuline.kent.sch.uk

Most of all, have fun! Good luck!

Miss Rye