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Enquiries - School Office 01843 834431

Remote Learning

Guidance for Students, Parents & Carers 

These protocols apply when students are not in school and learning remotely from home during the period of school closure. 

The following principals will apply: 

  • Students will receive a full-time remote education package 

  • Students will follow a full breadth of subjects 

  • Students will follow their normal school timetable remotely 

Lessons will be sequenced and content rich (as they would have received at school) 

Overview of the school day: 

The school will be arranged using the usual 5 lessons per day and the day will begin with a tutor-time at 08:45. 

Form Time 

08.45 – 09.05  

Lesson 1  

09.20 – 10.05 

Lesson 2 

10.20 – 11.05 


Lesson 3 

11.35 – 12.20 

Lesson 4 

12.35 – 13.20 


Lesson 5 

14.15 – 15.00 

You will note that lessons are for remote learning are 45 minutes long. This is for the wellbeing of both staff and students, in that it will allow respite from devices and provide time for students to get ready for their next lesson. 


Key software/Apps required by students to access lessons from home:

 Teams logo

Description: This is the electronic platform for live lessons. Students will need to log in and access their calendar and then click on the ‘join’ button to access the live lesson. There is also a chat function for students to share ideas and answers 

Smhw logo

Description: Show My Homework, or Satchel One as it is now called, is the platform that this school uses to share information about lessons and the task set with students.  This is also the application/website that students should use to submit their work to their teachers.

 Office 365 logo

Description: This is the overarching suite where students can access Teams. They can also access their email and other applications such as Word and PowerPoint from within this suite. Username: Student’s school email address  
Password: same as in school 


Video Guides: 

Accessing Office 365 and Microsoft Teams via a Computer/Laptop:

Accessing Microsoft Teams via a phone/tablet:




Staff Email List

Below you can find a list of Staff Email Addresses please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions:

Name Primary Email Subject
Mr Anderson Andersonj@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Psychology
Miss Barnes barnesg@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Science
Mr Bell bellh@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Design Tech
Mrs Billings billingsz@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Head of Sixth Form & P.E.
Ms Bloomfield bloomfieldj@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Mathematics
Mr Bond bondj@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Art
Miss Brewer brewerk@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Reception
Mrs Burr burrt@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Science
Mrs Callingham callinghamj@ursuline.kent.sch.uk SENCO
Miss Campbell campbellc@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Exams
Mrs Cartland cartlandj@ursuline.kent.sch.uk English
Mrs Clitheroe clitheroea@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Maths
Mrs Close closeg@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Science
Mr Cochrane cochraneb@ursuline.kent.sch.uk PE
Mrs Cole coler@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Insieme
Mrs Coleman colemane@ursuline.kent.sch.uk R.E.
Miss Court courtn@ursuline.kent.sch.uk P.E.
Miss Crompton cromptonv@ursuline.kent.sch.uk St Francis House Manager
Mrs Davis davisl@ursuline.kent.sch.uk English
Mrs Dewey deweyj@ursuline.kent.sch.uk English
Mrs Dhillon DhillonA@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Art
Mrs Dobson dobsonc@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Head Of St. Teresa House
Mr Embleton embletonc@ursuline.kent.sch.uk St. Teresa House Manager
Mrs Englefield EnglefieldL@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Academy Principal
Mrs Fagg faggr@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Reception
Mr Fennell fennellm@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Inclusion
Mrs Field fieldp@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Data Manager
Mr Field fieldt@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Mathematics
Mr Fuller ITServices@ursuline.kent.sch.uk IT Services
Mrs Gale galea@ursuline.kent.sch.uk R.E.
Miss Giles gilesf@ursuline.kent.sch.uk English
Mrs Groeger groegerg@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Science
Mrs Guyatt guyattj@ursuline.kent.sch.uk St. Bernadette House Manager
Mr Hales halesn@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Science
Mrs Hall hallj@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Public Services
Mrs Harnett harnetta@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Geography
Mrs Harris harrisl@ursuline.kent.sch.uk St. Augustine House Manager
Mrs Heather HeatherD@Ursuline.kent.sch.uk Attendance
Mrs Hill finance@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Finance
Mr Horn hornv@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Geography
Miss Johnson johnsone@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Senior Vice Principal
Mr Joyce joycej@ursuline.kent.sch.uk History
Miss Keeler keelerr@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Insieme
Mr Kelly kellya@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Insieme
Ms Lancefield lancefieldD@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Head of St. Bernadette House
Mrs Lawless lawlessv@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Reprographics
Mr Makwana makwanaj@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Chemistry
Mr Mansfield mansfielde@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Science Technician
Mr McAuley mcauleyj@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Head Of St. Augustine House
Mr Millbank millbankc@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Design&Tech.
Mrs Mitchison mitchinsonm@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Art technician
Miss Mobin mobina@ursuline.kent.sch.uk English
Mrs Morris morrisc@ursuline.kent.sch.uk H & S C
Mrs Murphy murphyl@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Hospitality and Catering
Mrs Musgrove musgrovej@ursuline.kent.sch.uk SEN Admin
Mr Nesbitt HR@ursuline.kent.sch.uk HR
Mrs Niblett niblettj@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Business S
Mrs O'Dwyer odwyerh@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Insieme
Miss Osborne osbornef@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Cover
Mr Perkins perkinsc@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Cover
Mr Povey poveym@ursuline.kent.sch.uk PE
Mr Prince princed@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Head of St. Francis House
Mrs Rotter rottere@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Music
Mrs Rowe rowee@ursuline.kent.sch.uk R.E.
Miss Rye ryem@ursuline.kent.sch.uk English
Mr Scoins scoinsd@ursuline.kent.sch.uk History
Mrs Sexton sextont@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Mathematics
Ms Smith headpa@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Head's PA
Miss Snare snareh@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Dance
Mrs Stannard stannarde@ursuline.kent.sch.uk ICT & Business
Mr Stansfeld stansfeldn@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Mathematics
Mr Startup startupl@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Geography
Ms Steel steeld@ursuline.kent.sch.uk English
Mrs Stone stonem@ursuline.knet.sch.uk Insieme
Mr Tilley tilleym@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Insieme
Mrs Tobin tobinm@ursuline.kent.sch.uk MFL
Mr Walters waltersm@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Executive Principal
Mr Welch welchj@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Mathematics
Miss West westg@ursuline.kent.sch.uk St. Francis House Manager
Ms Williams williamsc@ursuline.kent.sch.uk MFL
Mrs Williams williamsr@ursuline.kent.sch.uk History
Mrs Winsbury winsburyt@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Science
Ms Woodman woodmand@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Insieme
Mrs Yeoman yeomans@ursuline.kent.sch.uk Insieme

Assembly 25/01/21